Next Conference Tentatively Planned for April 2017

April 14-16

Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center

Grapevine, TX

Are You Ready?........

For a Conference Like No Other

Days 1 & 2 Topics

  • How to Find and Hire Shoppers to Take your Retail Arbitrage Business to Another Level
  • How to creatively set yourself apart from your competition
  • How to hire and train a Virtual assistant that can skyrocket your business
  • Advanced sourcing strategies
  • How to go beyond arbitrage – wholesale, private label, etc.
  • How to never see or touch your inventory
  • How to take your business international
  • The tools we use to make our business more efficient
  • How to find inventory that you can sell over and over again
  • How your own Mastermind Group can revolutionize your business
  • How to take advantage of Credit Card Offers to Travel for Free all Over the World
  • And much much more!

Day 3 Intensive (Optional)

Sourcing Workshop and Field Trip with Lance, Ken, and Eric

  • Advanced Sourcing Tips & Strategies
  • Break Away for several hours to go sourcing with.....


Private Label Workshop

  • Defining and Researching a Niche
  • Evaluating and Choosing a Private Label Product
  • Sourcing that Product
  • How to Create a Killer Listing
  • How to Create Momentum and Sales

Who is MM8?

Barrington McIntosh

Barrington McIntosh -International Business Consultant, Coach, and Speaker from Jamaica. Took his Amazon online store from 0 to being in the Top 25% of all Sellers on for the 2012 Holiday Selling Season. Prior to launching his online career he had been in Information Technology Management arena for AEI Energy based in Houston Texas

Lance Wolf - Selling on for almost 10 years.  Has received Top 25% of all Amazon merchant awards. Expert in retail arbitrage and overal sourcing.  Currently has 3 successful private label products, and is constantly building. Has a knowledge of what items sell especially seasonal items. Owner of sourceoholics sourcing group, and co-owner of Q4 sessions.

Lance Wolf

Eric Hardwick

Eric Hardwick - Successful Amazon and Ebay seller for the past 6 years. Turned 5k in capital into over 3 million dollars in sales in 2015 alone. Received the Top 25 percent of all Amazon merchants awards in all years selling on their platform. Family owned and operated, Eric runs a very diverse Amazon business and has a broad knowledge of all categories on Amazon. Turned his passion of creating jobs and helping people into a business of connecting Amazon sellers with a highly trained Virtual Assistant. This service can be found at

Roy Stroud - Over 8 years of E-Commerce/SEO experience getting #1 keyword rankings on multiple sites and keywords. Roy took the knowledge learned and switched over to selling on Amazon in April 2013. Roy created and manufactured his own product that he private labeled and started selling. In July he added a retail arbitrage model to his Amazon business. Since that time he has added several new private label products and has personally coached and encouraged others in building successful Amazon businesses.

Roy Stroud

Mike Pimco

Mike Pimco - With over 20 years experience in Direct to Consumer Marketing, Mike Pimco draws upon a wide range of marketing expertise from the direct mail, catalog, music, fashion and internet marketing industries. Responsible for hundreds of thousands of online orders shipped worldwide and countless page #1 Search Engine rankings, E-commerce and SEO consulting services have become Mike’s specialty.“As a serial entrepreneur, I enjoy speaking with business owners from all walks of life. It’s exciting for me to help people leverage new technology to promote their success in whatever niche they are passionate about. I only take on a few clients per year and I won’t work with a new client unless I see real potential for them to enjoy a significant ROI on the project in question.”

Ken Kelly - Pastor for more than 35 years. Currently a bi-vocational pastor in SC. Started on Amazon sellilng books and other media items. Still working his online business on a part-time basis with $428k sales on Amazon last year. Ken has become known as the shoe guru. Author of Flipping Shoes: How to Make Huge Profits Selling Shoes Online, he grossed more than $200k in shoes alone on Amazon last year. He also does some coaching for those starting in the shoe category. Ken admits proudly that he is the “old man” in the MM8 Group

Ken Kelly

Ryan Reger

Ryan Reger - Author of Real Wholesale Sources and Private Label the Easy Way, C0-Author of Beyond Arbitrage; Ryan started selling furniture on Craigslist in 2008. Has consistently sold over $500k on Amazon every year while co-creating online courses on Wholesale, Private Label, and Information Marketing.  Ryan's new site called seeks to help other sellers move from their point A to their point B in their business.

John Bullard Jr - John has 16 years of online selling experience and his businesses have done millions of dollars in sales. John has experience in online/retail arbitrage and in developing new unique products and bringing them to online marketplaces. John's entrepreneurial spirit helped him start his online businesses and made it possible for him to quit a full-time corporate job.  John is very family oriented, co-founding businesses with his parents and running his online retail business with his wife and children.  John is a co-founder of which is a bulk inventory / closeout business that sells inventory in smaller lots to resellers. He also co-founded which is a prepping and shipping service for Amazon and many other online retail businesses.  He is also the founder of MM8.

John Bullard Jr

Video Testimonials from Past Conference Participants

Updates from Past Conference Participants

David Shannon

David was inspired by Ken Kelly's presentation on sourcing and selling shoes at the first MM8 Conference.  Just this past year, David sold almost $2 Million worth of shoes alone!

Joy Packard

Since going to the MM8 conference, my business has skyrocketed!  I am ungated in most categories and shoes have become one of my best friends!  I learned so much and would recommend this conference to all!

Linda Joseph

The MM8 conference was the nudge I needed to start selling on Amazon.  I was having a slow start and they gave me the information and support I needed to get serious and now I have a successful Amazon business.  I need to make a few changes in my business to facilitate our retirement and am excited about getting help from the MM8 team in April.

Keith Crowe

When asked if the first MM8 conference was worth it, he tells people about the results of one change he made from a suggestion during  lunch.  This an item that he had given up carrying at the time.  (See the Screenshot Below)

How About Some Bonuses?

(Bonuses Alone are Worth Over $1500)

6 Months Free Access to our Daily Deals Site

$282 Value

Free Admission to Barrington's Coffee Master Class

$150 Off Barrington's International Selling Workshop

$150 off a Trained Virtual Assistant

$600 off Private Label the Easy Way Mentoring Program

Step by Step Mentoring

Only $197 (Regular Price is $799)

$300 off the Get Out of the River Mentoring Program

Step by Step Mentoring for Creating your Own Info Product

Only $697 (Regular Price is $997)

Free Private Label the Easy Way Ebook

Learn How to Private Label the Easy Way

Free Flipping Shoes Ebook

How to Make Huge Profits Selling Shoes

Free Beyond Arbitrage Ebook

Take your Business to the Next Level

Free Real Wholesale Sources Ebook

Over 200 Sources of Wholesale Inventory

Who is this Conference For?

If you're not serious about taking your business to the next level then this conference is not for you.

But if you're.....

  • Eager to take your business to another level
  • Wanting to meet and network with some of the top leaders in the industry
  • Ready to take action

Then this conference is for you!

What's the Cost?

  • Day 1 and 2

    Only $1497.  Only $997 for Spouse or Immediate Family Member

  • Day 3 Intensive (Optional)

    Only $997*  Only $749 for Spouse or Immediate Family Member

Since this conference is not for everyone we have a short application we are asking potential attendees to fill out.

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